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Romo Didn't Lose the Game


The Cowboys didn't lose because of Tony Romo. Time after time everyone blames Romo. Truth is, it was their defense. Whoever thinks that they lost because of Romo is down right out of their mind. Look at what Matt Flynn did to the Cowboy was brutal! Here are the stats for Romo and Flynn: 

When your defense allows a mediocre quarterback to throw 4 touchdowns for 299 yards, you know you have a problem. Romo had a terrific day for Dallas. So what he throws two interceptions? It's your defense who is supposed to stop the Packers who really aren't that good! Saying that Romo cost Dallas the game is absurd. He takes so much heat for the team when really it was the Cowboys defense. Luckily for Dallas, the Eagles lost today. Playoff hopes are still alive for them and I think it comes down to the last game of the year when they take on the Eagles.