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Could Portland be Legit Contenders?


Can the Trail Blazers finish the regular season strong, and then make a run in the playoffs? They certainly can! Portland is currently sitting at first in the Western Conference, which is a bold statement. They have only lost four games and they can shoot the lights out. They recently just shot 21 three pointers to break a franchise record. They have really made a statement so far this season.

One player that really sticks out on this Blazer team, is a man who goes by the name of Damian Lillard. Lillard played incredible his rookie year and really has been unstoppable ever since entering the league. Right now, I would say Lillard is slowly becoming the best point guard in the league. 

Portland has been hot right now and they certainly don't look as if they will stop. They had some new additions to the team, one that I liked was Mo Williams who played with the Jazz last year. Williams brings some talent to the bench, something that the Blazer will rely on continuing the season.

They have the talent. The past few years have been rebuilding ones for them. From what I have seen, the Blazers have what it takes in the regular season. When it comes to playoffs, it's a whole new story. I originally picked Golden State to take the West. It looks as if they might have some competition with this Portland team. Only time will tell.