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Jerry Jones: Worst GM, Best Owner

Jerry Jones (Owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys) is the best owner, but at the same time, the worst GM. It's the brutal truth. He treats the Dallas Cowboys great, nobody can argue that. Jones is by far the best owner in all of sports. Look at the nice stadium he just built, one of the best stadiums in sports. Take a glance at the nice contract that he gave to Tony Romo, who is not worth the money he is being paid. There is no argument that Jones isn't a great owner. 

The problem for Dallas is that Jones "thinks" he is this fabulous GM. Time after time, we have seen him make terrible decisions for Dallas. Not only does Jerry make dumb decisions, but he also has many stupid actions. For example, Romo has been ruled out with his back injury for the final week of the NFL season. Jerry Jones decided to come out and say that Romo "might be cleared to play". There's a fine line between hurt and injured. You don't play a player like Tony Romo who is the face of your franchise when he is injured. Another thing that Jones does that is completely unnecessary, is his postgame interviews. You don't see other GM's or owners doing a postgame interview after every game. That's where Jerry's mouth gets him into trouble. 

If Jerry would take a step back and hire an ACTUAL GM, I think we would see lots of success in Dallas. Look at the Broncos. They hired John Elway as their GM and look what he did to Denver. Took the team and turned them 180. Money isn't an issue for Dallas. Obviously with Jerry Jones as your owner, there is plenty to go around. Having Jerry as an owner is like All-State, you're in good hands. As for a GM, it's a nightmare. If he could only figure that out, the Cowboys could become an actual threat in the NFL.