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How Credible is Tony Bosch?

If you watched the 60 Minutes program about Alex Rodriguez, you probably can understand where this question is being brought up. After watching it the first time, I didn't have a problem believing Bosch and the story he was telling. I still believe most of it, but the MLB made this an even messier situation than it already was.

Tony Bosch said that he had been providing Alex with PED's and illegal substances banned by the MLB since 2010. This I believe. However, as for the reasoning Bosch said he did it is rather hard to believe. He said Alex told him he had wanted to enhance his performance so he could break into the 800 home run club and that's the reason he did it. I don't believe that for a second. Bosch was receiving $12,000 a month from Rodriguez to supply him. Keep in mind that Bosch isn't even a doctor. He is not licensed in medicine. This was a huge lie by Bosch in his interview with 60 Minutes. Money is the motivation. 

A lot of people question Bosch's credibility. Besides the one lie that I found, I think he is being honest. Who else are you going to believe? The guy who lied to us before about using PED's who has now been caught a second time? No. Whoever believes Alex is out of their right mind. Hard decision to make, a "drug" dealer or someone who lies over and over about the same thing.

The MLB seemed to appear strange in this story though. Follow me on this. They had supposedly been called randomly by someone who only revealed themselves as "Bobby". This "Bobby" guy said that he had all of the documents that contained information about players that had used PED's with Bosch. What does the MLB do? Pays this guy $125,000 for a box of documents that could be and probably are fake. It makes the MLB look desperate. I also don't understand why they would want to meet Tony Bosch at a restaurant/bar to talk over things. That's something you do at MLB headquarters. In a world full of social media and smartphones, anyone could have caught them in plain site. Imagine if there was video evidence of MLB investigators paying Bosch telling him to say certain things. Just a thought.

I also thought it was compelling that the texts that were sent between Bosch and Rodriguez included code words like "gummie". I think that after finding this out, the MLB could probably find a lot of other players who use these code words. Even the drug tests that Rodriguez passed were impressive. Bosch explained the details about how they had to do it at precise times just so that they could pass the random tests. This screams to me that the MLB has some major issues to fix along with getting rid of the PED's.

While all the Alex Rodriguez stuff will blow over eventually, it is mysterious to me. I can't really say that the MLB did this professionally. It really seemed to me that they were out for Rodriguez's head.