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Insane Prices at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl

With all the hustle and bustle of the Super Bowl, it's finally here. Tickets are pricey enough to go watch the game, but you may want to grab an extra wad of cash if you plan on doing anything extra. Check out these prices:

Perhaps attending the game wasn't the best idea. At $14.00 for a can of beer, that can take a chunk out of anybody's wallet. But wait, it's a "premium" can of beer, not just any can of beer. I also have never heard of "bottled beer" but it must be a Super Bowl thing. 

One of these days I am waiting for fans to take a stand and demand a price reduction in tickets or food and drink. It's insane that a round of this "premium beer" could cost you a pretty penny. The NFL keeps taking advantage of you and I, why not change that?