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Texans to Draft Manziel?

Who doesn't love Johnny Football? The guy can make things happen on the field, but his issues off the field cause people to turn away. The Texans are in need of a quarterback after having a very unsuccessful season. With the NFL moving away from the pocket quarterback into a new era of mobile quarterbacks, now is the time to get a player like Manziel. Out of all the quarterbacks that are going into the draft this year, I see Manziel as the most valuable. While he failed to take his team all the way to win the Championship, he still puts up big numbers. 

Manziel is like Russell Wilson. Personally, if Manziel puts in the work and effort, he could be the next best thing. With every young player comes a lack of responsibility, and that is something I believe that Manziel will grow out of eventually. Houston had a rough year, and with the number one pick in the draft, they should take Manziel and begin a new era in Houston. The Texans are pretty much done with Schaub in my opinion. After what he went through this year, why would he want to even play for them? Like I said before, the NFL is now changing into this mobile quarterback. We saw it in the Super Bowl. Manning did nothing, and Wilson did everything. 

I think the Texans should take Manziel number one overall. He has an arm and can extend plays. Something that you now want your quarterback to have. The stars in Houston are aligned perfectly for them to change their entire franchise. Lots of GM's love Manziel and if you don't take him, you could miss out. Wade Phillips even suggested that the Texans should take Manziel. Certainly, the Texans don't want to miss out on Manziel like they missed out on a successful season.