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NFL & Marijuana: Just the Facts

With the latest debates about recreational marijuana in the NFL, I thought that I would share some insight on the subject. I personally don't think the NFL should make this move. Why? Well the NFL is a business and we (the fans) are the main source of income for the NFL. If they were to make the use of recreational marijuana possible, they would lose fans. That's losing money, something the NFL doesn't want to do. 

The other side of this is whether players would become addicted or use it for the wrong reasons. Yes, I see why players would use it to relieve stress and pain, but is that a healthy way of doing so? Many people argue that marijuana is not addictive. According to marijuana is addictive. Similar to nicotine. People who use marijuana show signs of increased aggression and psychological effects after one week since they last used it. Now answer this question. Is this the healthiest way to treat players for their stress and pain? I say no. This in my mind creates even more problems for the players. Such as the negative effects marijuana has on your ability to learn, your memory, and your attention.

A study showed that postal workers who tested positive for marijuana had 55% more industrial accidents and 85% more injuries than those that tested negative for marijuana. 

So how can it be acceptable to give NFL players a chance to hurt themselves through the use of marijuana? While we already have injuries, concussions, and bad attitudes in the league, why do we need to throw in marijuana to cause more problems? It doesn't make sense.